Answer: Our 360 degree focus is what makes us unique.
  • 360 degrees of professionalism. Our team members are guaranteed to be certified, background checked, well groomed, on time, and comply with our highest standards of professionalism.
  • 360 degrees of expertise. Instead of specializing in one facet of IT, we are committed to retaining specialists for nearly every IT function. We manage our team so that you don’t have to manage one.
  • 360 degrees of solutions. The diversity of our team means that we have seen almost everything. Our team understands technology and hardware installed decades ago, all the way up to the most advanced applications of today. This experience allows us to truly customize a solution for you instead of apply a default plan that might be more expensive or unnecessary to you.
Answer: We are your IT and networking partner.

Some companies may specialize in sales while outsourcing installation and management. Other companies focus purely on installations or service or maintenance. Our experience has shown that by segmenting all of these tasks, customers end up with poor service, constant issues, higher costs, and a ton of frustration. When a half dozen people only care about one component of your IT network, it is harder for any one to feel a sense of ownership in the solution.

We can plug into your network at any time, from the moment of conception to upgrades and everywhere in between. Our design team can expertly plan out your network architecture, while we help procure equipment and software. Installations, testing, training, follow-ups and monitoring and maintenance.

Answer: It’s easy.

Simply fill out the contact form here or give us a call at 518-720-SCIO (7246). A no-pressure discussion with one of our team members can help us gather a bit of information about your needs. We are usually able to generate solution suggestions quickly that comply with your needs and budget. This way you can respond to the needs of your company at your speed, not the sluggish pace of a series of vendors.