At Your Service!

Our experienced engineers and technicians are experts, we have  knowledge basis from Defense sectors serving and private sectors. Networking, Security, Cabling, Telecom, and Audio Video deployment 24/7, in-house personnel cultivation, distribution platform with open access. Literally we are contracted consultants and engineers for leading service providers and have our clients interest as priority.

Using all technological advancements for clients solutions and needs from an array of industry accepted manufactures while providing specialized personnel. Consolidated efficiency for Government, Large Retail, and Private Customers. Experienced and knowledgeable about the stack of intricacies within the technology sectors.

A scientific and transparent approach putting the customer first. We took care of the basics, being licensed, insured, and bonded, but most importantly the best knowledgeable employees, and no sales people. We don’t want our customers talking to inexperienced people, or overpromised due to compensation incentives. A comprehensive service company to address physical and virtual needs of customer, while brining them the best technology to fit their needs. Without ethical compromises or inexperience. A in-house shop to create seamless I.T. solutions to the right customers. Communications – Security – Information Technology IoT company, based in, California. Scio has the capacity, without quality degradation and business processes to support international projects. Since 2014, Scio has been providing consultation and developing proprietary and patented assets. Our services, technology, software, and cyber security all focused on client solutions. Network and Communication Solutions that support the Department of Defense, civilian agencies, and commercial clients nationwide. Scio has personnel with Top-Secret Facility Clearance and our organization is quality certified. We can find someone that can help specifically for your project.

Network,  Communication Solutions: we have extensive experience in Network and Communication Solutions. We contract with the major vendors and service providers, the exposure to overlapping proprietary information and lapses in the feedback loop provided the perfect opportunity to serve the markets needs. Founded by Jonathon Robinson Rotha Robinson, Tom Takano and Bruce Brook. Scio was born as a result of unfulfilled space in the market. Both Government and Retail found value in Scio providing effective technology and personnel solutions at cost effective targets. We understand the evolution life cycles and deployments. Scio’s mission is to deliver exceptional, engineering, consultation, and information technology services to our clients. We support all branches of our nation’s military, information technology including cybersecurity services.e

In the trenches, risers, attics, basements, under raised foundations, through vermin and pest.  Creating, repairing, installing, and designing the infrastructure you use and enjoy today. Scio has been responsible for the wireless networks and infrastructures that range from McDonalds, and Bank of America to the United States Armed Forces. Our insight into the disconnect between manufactures, vendors, or service providers save our clients time and money. Industry leaders trust Scio, to assist their operations.