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We travel onto defense sectors and corporate headquarters, and look to enhance our service through education and training beyond the deployed projects. Scio knows through experience, how to present facts with non bias prospectives and can create training modules or customize programs to fit a workforces need to update with systems or software. Scio provides access to information, the future of technology and communication, combine with the minds of future.


Our Experience Will Help!

Alarm & Fire

Intergrateed fire or stand alone burglar we work with monitoring agencies to correct issues.

Audio / Video

 Install projectors, television, audio, conference systems and more.


Fiber Optics Cable in its many forms and environments, and all copper.


Extend services using RF frequencies as well as boost service coverage zones.

CCTV / Security

 IP, Wireless, BNC, DVR to NVR, Scio understands.


Paying for services you are not using or duplicates let us assist.


Teams of experts can assist.

Covid Tech

Crowd screening, control, securing, and regulatory systems!


We assist with advance strategy in design phases


The knowledge banks may benefit from our input when needed.


Moving , closing, etc, we will move infrastructure to new suite or ship to HQ

Green Energy

Photovoltaic is only the beginning of green based solutions, there are power regulating, monitoring and many more technologies to help be more efficient.


Rack and Stack, Configure , Management, & Optimization. Cisco , HP, Dell-Apple, Custom no Matter>


NCR, NEC, Fujitsu, Leap set, Veriphone, Ignacio, all manufactures supported.


Legacy or cutting edge we can do it.

Electrical Conversion

Our conversion of a 66′ mustang with starts our own software and other technologies to enhance our advantages at Scio!

Charging Stations

Electric vehicles charging station instillation at your property by Scio. Working with many technologies we have been installing many different systems in a rapidly changing industry.


Electronic, Technologies, Construction, we have so much experience to contribute that you may need us at any point of phase in you evolution or life cycle.