Hard work & Honesty go along way! Respect for you and your business, we can assist and have solutions no one has thought of. In low voltage, concepts, and prototypes Scio has much to offer. Aside from the above there are things to help educate, give access to contractor store inventory, help project managers find technicians and technicians find projects. We have been many places most people will never go and can share that insight. There are multiple sectors to make Scio a value to most business.


Wells Fargo

Our site went down for 3 days during demo and all transactions had to be manually conducted and logged. Jonathon of Scio had our brach systems online in about 2 hours of being there, so awesome I owe him.

Marcy H.

Branch Manager

U.S. Coast Guard

Scio is very insightful and experienced and we appreciate there help!

Capt. Ryan S.

Capt. U.S. Coast Guard


Scio took us through AT&T troubles and guided us through a minefield and did everything

Diane A.



Scio was used by Compucom to help upgrade our phone system to all our California stores successfully.

Amie L.

Managing Director

Sacramento Sheriff

Scio Installed Metro cells to boost our failing service provider so calls would stop dropping.



Metro PCS

We needed Scio to install monitors and electrical circuits, upgrading a manual white board to a digital portal. Great job and thank you!

John. G.



Scio has successfully assisted with all aspects of technology within our stores from digital displays to our servers.

Chris H.

McDonalds Owner


Jonathon of Scio Installs Projectors, calibrates our audio, and provides great service!


Store Manager

Bank Of America

Scio is responsible for the successful installation of 13 area branches of customer WIFi on behalf of AT&T.

Hector C.

Regional Manager


Scio is responsible for the implementation of technology for over 132 California.

Mike L.

Director Technology