We travel onto defense sectors and corporate headquarters, and look to enhance our service through education and training beyond the deployed projects. Scio knows through experience, how to present facts with non bias prospectives and can create training modules or customize programs to fit a workforces need to update with systems or software. Scio provides access to information, the future of technology and communication, combine with the minds of future.


  • “Scio is always on time and very knowledgeable with helping our associates understand the technology that runs our stores. As always, thanks for the help!”

    San Francisco Disney Store
  • “Great service and understanding with a range of services. Without Scio we would be would be unable to run our business which is why we give them five stars!”

  • “The project went perfect. It was right on time and within budget. We look forward to using Scio with all of our IT needs. We are very happy with the results.”

    Craig Heiman
    Sacramento Sheriff’s Department
  • “Scio Info Tech is a pleasure to work with. They follow through to make sure everyone is happy and never hesitate to go above and beyond.”

    Lauren Connell
    UC Davis Med Center
  • “They saved us a ton of money and gave us exactly what we wanted”

    T. Gordan
  • “Scio keeps our internet up which is the lifeline to our business, without it kids cannot apply to colleges”

    Diana Adamson
  • “Scio is responsible for our outdoor boise sound system. Installed to cancel race noise and add ambiance”

    Jonathan Haswel
    Sonoma Sim Raceway

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Our Experience Will Help!


Fiber Optics Cable in its many forms and environments, and all copper communications cable is our specialty.


From Plain Old Telephone Lines for fire/burg/ fax – VoIP services = Legacy Phone systems – Telepresence / Conference, Scio has the answer.


Rack and Stack install equipment, Configure routers / switches / firewalls, cable management, maintenance or optimization.

Audio / Video

Our skillfully trained techs can install, integrate and manage projectors, television, audio, conference systems and more.

CCTV / Security

Instillation, Maintenance, and Repair of new and existing systems. IP, wireless, BNC, DVR to NVR, may sound like jargon however our experience range understands.


NCR, NEC, Fujitsu, Leap set, Veriphone, Ignacio, all manufactures we support and have a long history with instillation and maintenance. No down time, hold time, expensive dispatches.


Extend services using RF frequencies as well as boost service coverage zones with many solution methods such as metro cells or extender technology.

Alarm & Fire

Intergrateed fire or stand alone burglar we work with monitoring agencies to correct issues.


Teams of experts design, plan, and solve your problems from new prospectives. Harness technician experience from competing manufactures and venders.

Patentable Solutions