Case Study: UC Davis Medical Center

Our team got the call from UC Davis Medical Center regarding mobile carts used for monitoring patients. The devices were experiencing performance and maintenance issues which were beyond the conventional skills of the hospital tech workers.

SCIO examined the devices and collaborated with different manufacturers to design a solution to vastly improve the function and performance of the monitoring carts, while also reducing main

tenance requirements.

“Jonathan is a pleasure to work with. He follows through to make sure everyone is happy and the job gets done.”

Lauren Connell
UC Davis Med Center

Case Study: Sacramento Sheriff’s Department

Our team was contacted by the Sacramento Sheriff’s Department to address reception issues within the building. The critical nature of law enforcement relies on cell reception keeping deputies and administrators connected, and the interference from topography and the building infrastructure impeded consistent reception.

SCIO integrated a metro cell system to function as a local carrier antenna. This dramatically boosted not only the cellular coverage within the building, but also the Wi-Fi reception as well. The system also allowed the client to scale new mobile devices into the infrastructure easily.

“The project went perfect. It was right on time and within budget. We are very happy with the results.”

Craig Heiman
Sacramento Sheriff’s Department

Case Study: Fleetcor

When Fleetcor, a global provider of specialized payment products, outgrew their network and began experiencing speed issues, their former service providers could not be counted on to be responsive in addressing the problems. The problem with reduced network speed is that inefficiency creates lost time, higher costs, and smaller profit.

We ran a comprehensive diagnostic check of the network to determine critical limitations that were causing the costly delays. We integrated new T-1 lines to dramatically improve bandwidth and did so with responsive and respectful service they noted was a rarity in their past experience.

“We give Scio five stars!”


Case Study: Disney Store San Francisco

The Disney Store in San Francisco called SCIO because the challenge of remotely maintaining the digital network and a dearth of media had become too much for past providers. Other firms had remote service that did not understand the local details and were not able to successfully resolve a variety of issues that the store experienced.

SCIO had the benefit of being a local and responsive service partner. Our team also has an expert understanding of digital systems, which meant that we could address the issue the first time without creating incessant malfunctions or system downtime. Contrary to other firms who rarely exercise their ability to remotely support clients, our team understands that remote monitoring means making sure our clients’ networks are successfully monitored and maintained.

“As always, thanks for the great help!”

San Francisco Disney Store