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The Earth is everyones responsibility!

The Earth is everyones responsibility!

The experience it takes to assemble sometimes makes you the best candidate to disassemble things. Having the transportation and knowing where to take it is also important. Scio cares about the environment, but what makes this such a perfect match is knowing beyond these things in who might need the technology so its not dumped in the trash. We have taken $12,000 Cisco telepresence systems from Venture Capital Firms to Education Coaching sites, Computers to after school programs. We know there is a way to go above and beyond when it comes to helping others, the planet, and a client.

Do Right with Scio.

We can assist in helping determine the best way to handle the next step in the process and get credits from the proper government agencies. Allow us to aid in the removal of legacy equipment or broken devices. Call us today.

Remember Reduce – Reuse – Recycle. The technology components that make up our lives have become very intricate and require lots of energy and time to assemble. Those assemblies need to go where the people that know how to use them best. Pcb boards still working have a different destination than the broken board with working chips. Some devices we come across have been decommissioned but still functioning properly.

Receive Tax Credit

We can get you money back from your trash or unneeded technologies. Its more than a paper weight or trash. Things have a way of being valuable to others and we are the world of teaching. This area is simplistic, help the planet and each other!

Take It Away Scio

You can have the satisfaction of having it done for you properly as you focus energy elsewhere knowing a professional team is on your side providing a needed service sometimes at no cost. We will clean and properly dispose to make life easier.