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The major types of cabling are fiber, coax, and cat5/6. We have the responsibility upon ourselves to be experts through the 10,000 hour rule. The has been a lot of money saved through this experience. When a service provider tells you its up to you to extend there service, and a company convinces you fiber is required. Scio shocks people in explaining the bandwidth and waste created by misunderstanding of terms.

We have your back, and we know our stuff. There is no sales team to cover mistakes just tried from the ground up experience. There is much that can be done for free with our implementation of consultation. Scio is her for you.

Fiber to Coax

Satellite, Riser’s, Fiber termination, that’s what we do well a part of it. Our customers range from AT&T to the Airport. There is hardly a major retail store of any type where we haven’t cable in some capacity. Such as cameras, phones, security systems, point of sales, satellite uplinks, access points, access control, whew I might be forgetting a channel but you get the idea. Scio bust there hump for you and work is guaranteed at least 6 months up to lifetime of use.

Warranty Guarantee

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