The benefit of having star players from the other teams play for you!

   SCIO has experience with providers competing as services providers, manufactures that compete and venders that compete. We have severed many masters so we know industry proprietary information that we consolidate to create our own. Experience and no middle men from Scio’s vantage. Save time without having contracts handed off or explaining the same things to different people, or being lied to. Everyone these days needs someone they can trust in Security and Information Communication Technology.

We dedicate ourselves to our customers, the SCIO team includes expertise that spans the history of information technology. We recruit engineers who have worked in the industry for decades, which allows our team to make difficult diagnoses, repairs, and create solutions based on thousands of past projects. We also recruit the most talented people of the millennial generation who have grown up in an age of dynamic technology. Our team understands that 360 degrees of expertise is the key to being your IT solution.

It has become popular to segment the IT market into specialties. Although this makes business sense to IT specialists, businesses suffer because they are forced to manage a network of IT professionals. We chose to become a provider of IT solutions instead of mastering one segment. We understand all disciplines because our engineers have designed, developed and improved all of them. We create efficiency and speed in your network. We design solutions for all types of businesses, from signature heat mapping reception areas inside commuter trains to self-serve kiosks in the DMV to multi-site networks for commercial industries. We manage 360 degrees of solutions so you don’t have to manage a changing list of specialists.

Lastly, we believe that the image our team exhibits is just as important as the work we do. We believe that each SCIO team member should practice the same professionalism as you expect in your business. We vigorously screen prospective team members, including background checks, drug testing, and ensuring education and certifications exceed industry standards. You should expect SCIO team members to reflect the highest standards of professionalism in the IT field.

If 360 degrees of expertise, solutions and professionalism are key in your IT search, contact SCIO Info Tech for a discussion about how a managed service provider can improve your network.