Radio Frequency

WiFi - Metro Cells - RFID

RF signals are everywhere. Radio frequency waves are used for Wifi, Cellular transmissions, short wave communicators, and bluetooth. It would be simple to say that we have extensive experience with Wifi. Scio has designed, installed, and maintained many of wireless networks over a few decades. Heat maps to optimize access point locations was the start of our services of helping cell phones receive high reception signals. Phones have become relied upon to the extent a mandate was issued for coverages to be improved. Text messages and Amber Alerts are a part of a nation safety initiatives.

Emergency Mandate

The new presidential emergency system created relies on text messaging to produce alerts via the phone. That makes the purchase a rebate from some government programs, a tax write off, and a sound investment in the property.

Metro Cells

Not all Metro Cells are equal, The power requirements and interference with other telecom equipment are considerations that we are well detailed in environmental and specific customer requirements.

RFID and IoT

The future of the internet is the internet of things or IoT. This is simply the vehicle of many sensors connected to the net. RFID is the next evolution that has come from our ability to utilize innovation stretching bandwidth limits. Radio-frequency identification uses electromagnetic fields to automatically identify and track. RFID systems consists of a tiny radio transponder, a radio receiver and transmitter. Scio Uses this technology to install manufactures access control, doors, and gates for cleared personnel or vehicles.

Clearance Automation

Focus put on important task maximizes efficiency. Pre vetted personal can be hands free as security enhancements from smaller opening windows times. At a water district we did just that. When service trucks approach the gate the gate quickly opens then closes without the aid of human interaction. Accomplished by hiding RFID badges on trucks. On the inside of the gate there is a simple antenna that connects to a controller and other IT equipment.