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Scio I.T. LLC,  Information Communication Technology & Security. Quality support , Deployment, and  Consulting. Established to be responsible for customer needs throughout projects and life cycles. Creating solutions with existing technology or creating new technologies, we satisfy tech based needs everywhere. Our role supports, Federal, State, Retail and Defense entities using proven methods such as Market Based Management and SixSigma. Currently we are involved in all markets and corners of commerce. Our completed projects are a testament to our resolve and dedication to the concerns of our clients. Involvement in markets where positive growth is proven along with the service of legacy systems demonstrate versatility not shared by competitors. We are proud of our veteran workforce and working relationships with defense departments. Present is great opportunity and we look forward to the growth and ability to solve many problems.

        At Scio, our success is derived from our structured, proactive approach to problem solving and our commitment to working creatively. Focusing on finding solutions under established budget parameters. Is one of many competitive advantages.  We offer experience, leadership, integrity, and a dedication to excellence. We are committed to aggressively managing project costs, quality and schedule, and consistently exceeding the expectations of clients on project metrics. Our veteran workforce have fostered relationships with agencies that are valuable and give us promise for expanding. Accountability is our advantage, we do not hand off responsibilities to save cost, we work hard to save cost, putting the project second to profit. With over 11 years of technology based consulting experience, we only employ highly skilled technicians, engineers and analysts with proven track records that promote the high standards and professionalism that are the hallmark of our company. We only use the most advanced project management techniques that produce effective, consistent and measurable long term results for each project that we manage. Our team of professionals are highly experienced, with regulations, technologies, and procedures. Enhance our ability to define your requirements and recommend the best solutions to fit your organization. Our company has many meets 8a qualification and Hub zone. Patent technologies, systems, new marketplace contribution, and much more Scio has to offer. 

          Reform due to costs and accessibility has stalled advancement.  However today According to the research consultancy IDC, the global information technology (IT) industry market,  Communication, Security, encompassing hardware, software, services, and telecommunications, is expected to surpass $30 trillion in 2025, up from $7 trillion the previous year. Predicting future markets with regards to Information Technology is pure speculation. Paul Regards puts it this way: Technology is not only fueling major business transformation across industries, it’s also changing how technology enterprises sell their products and services, operate, and plan for future growth. Historically, the challenge has been system complexity, integration and budgets. Today technology is now more advanced and affordable than ever before in history, forcing the way we think to change. Accelerating this change are our needs for security. The infamous statement survival will go where change happens fastest.