Managed Services

Business with no internal tech department sometimes are overwhelmed by service providers telling them its their responsibility. To have someone, well that someone is Scio. We are sometimes referred by the large companies Comcast, ATT, Wave, but by third party so inflated cost of not knowing how to call us direct costs. Our data systems, life cycle management, and security can be addressed from one place allowing savings of both cost and time.


Security Systems & CCTV

With the remote technology available today, our team acts like a round-the-clock network guard. Gone are the days of static on-site devices now the interactive age can give you the power of being present virtually. Round the clock threats from physical to online, keep track of all points of intrusion with reliability and accountability.

SCIO’s team can remotely analyze and audit your network hardware, from firewalls to routers all the way to individual workstations and online cameras.From security systems that intergrate fire to stand alone residential systems. From thermal cameras or sound enabled POE, our experience is here to assist you in navigating the digital security options.

Audio and Video Installation

Audio / Video

Today in the simplest of setups Tv’s are hung on walls, connected to the internet, and come with many devices to integrate. In business investments have exceeded cost in the hundreds of thousands. Integrating microphones,tablets, multi channel amps,  communication hub centers that appear to be monitors however have hundreds of devices that it may communicate at once. Scio can navigate the complexity adding simple understanding to quality workmanship.

Telecom / VOIP


Telecommunications and Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) are critical components of any business. One advantage in telecom and VoIP is experience, because each network is different. No matter the client, each business location has a unique layout, endless variations and ages of equipment, and evolving needs.

That is why we are one of the few companies to specialize in conventional telecom infrastructure and hardware, as well as modern improvements such as VoIP. We use this experience and your specific needs to customize a solution on time and on budget. For installations, repair, upgrades and management, SCIO Infotech is the answer.

Structured Cabling Installation

Structured Cabling

No matter how technology evolves, networks are still comprised of essentially the same building blocks. The difference is: the building blocks are getting better and more components are now able to integrate into an overall network.

Formerly independent systems such as fire alarms, phone lines, temperature control, video surveillance and security are now integrated, often through structured cabling. Structured cabling is a standardized approach to data and voice communication within large or multiple buildings. The benefit of structured cabling are many, and include greatly reduced maintenance, construction, relocation and repair costs. By incorporating a standardized system of cabling and connections, individual upgrades and repairs are simple and inexpensive.

Office Installation

Office Solutions

The challenge of specialists is that simpler equipment seems too mundane. We understand that desktop and laptop computers, copiers, printers and office equipment are the front line of your business. Each office component must be functioning at its peak and must work in conjunction with the larger IT network.

SCIO Infotech experts handle all aspects of office IT, including acquisition, integration/installation, configuration, service and management. Our office expertise is another example of our 360 degree approach and our promise to be a single source solution for your IT needs.

Point of sale system installation

Point-of-Sale (POS) Systems

The team at SCIO Info Tech is trusted by some of the world’s leading retail brands for Point-of-Sale (POS) systems. Choosing the best POS system for your company depends on a variety of factors. From casinos to coffee shops, boutiques to bars, SCIO understands which POS equipment and software will best serve your needs.

We start with a consultation to determine your desired output, budget, required and desired functions. From this foundation we create a network design to map out your system and customize it to your facility. We procure equipment, assist in any pre-wiring, and complete the installation. Next, we test and troubleshoot the system, complete training, and oversee the system launch. Finally, we help maintain, monitor, and service the system to ensure your business functions without critical interruptions.

If you have questions about your existing POS system, or simply want more information from a point-of-sale expert, feel free to shoot out team a call anytime at 518-720-SCIO (7246).


IT Management

IT Management is essentially delegating your IT needs to trusted professionals at SCIO Info Tech, thus allowing you to return to the business you know best.

We carefully plan a strategy to implement any necessary additions or changes to your network infrastructure. We add industry-leading security and backup protocols to protect your business, clients, and network. We then shift gears to maintaining and improving your network to dramatically reduce your technology expenditures.

KIOSK and ATM installation and configutation


America has seen a swift rise in the number of self-serve kiosks. As much of the country quickly adjusted to self check-out machines at grocery stores, our increasing comfort level in managing a purchase compelled many business leaders to consider automating more interaction.

Imagine a DMV with no line because self-serve kiosks allow consumers easy and immediate access. Although this is not entirely a reality yet, our team has helped to develop and maintain self-serve kiosks inside of DMV locations to deal with a limited number of needs. Businesses are constantly experimenting with kiosks to replace conventional sales methods, from self-serve wine bars to interactive real estate modeling. These practical and exciting applications are just one example of how SCIO Info Tech is an industry leader in kiosk and ATM design, installation and maintenance.

For retail ATM installations or service, or if you believe your company could integrate self-serve kiosk solutions, please call our team so we can help you expand your revenue potential.

Network Architecture

Network Architecture

SCIO Info Tech is the trusted choice for new or existing network architecture. For existing business, the rapid pace of technology creates a constant environment of challenges. IT solutions and IT security are evolving perpetually to meet the demands of a competitive landscape and the ever-present threat of malicious attacks. Only through well-designed and secure network architecture can businesses function without disruption. For new businesses, creating the most efficient network infrastructure is paramount to avoiding critical downtime and increased technology costs, both initially and in the future.

The pillars of SCIO Info Tech’s network architecture are:

  • Initial complete network assessment
  • Designing and developing the network
  • Integrating your budget parameters and long-term business plan into our design
  • Using our acquisition power to locate and install the most appropriate hardware and software
  • Development of any necessary applications
  • Expert custom programming
  • Implementation, testing and calibration
  • Training and oversight
  • Network management and maintenance

Computer Data Security


In an age of malicious cyber attacks and ever-present threats to your network, SCIO Info Tech devotes considerable attention to identifying vulnerabilities in your system and protecting your IT infrastructure.

Our layers of protection conform specifically to each client and network. This customized security approach ensures maximum protection at minimal cost. Our IT security experts design solutions to protect against spyware, adware, viruses, malware, Trojan horses, worms, rootkits, and much more. We also understand the danger of hackers and internal threats stemming from malicious or unauthorized access. Our layered plan anticipates all of these threats and more.


Email Services

Email communication is often an overlooked part of IT management and security, even though emails are generally the most common form of contact and information sharing within your organization and with your customers.

We employ a multi-pronged strategy to ensure your email communication is seamless and secure. The first obligation is to eliminate spam and ensure viruses, Trojan horses and malware do not infiltrate your network via emails and attachments.

Next, we insulate your communication by routing everything through private servers instead of public servers, which guarantees that only the sender and recipient of the email will be able to view it. Then we ensure that email communication between different email platforms and between various departments or agencies are integrated to function seamlessly.


Process Automation

One of the ways that SCIO Info Tech delivers efficiency and savings is through process automation. Embedded within your network are countless tasks that we identify. Each task presents an opportunity to automate, ultimately adding up to a dramatic impact in time and cost savings to your organization.

By integrating process automation:

  • The chances for manual errors are alleviated
  • Real-time status is created for inventory, billing, ordering, and production
  • The organization can function at optimal efficiency as human delays are erased
  • Reliability of data and reporting increases
  • Reduces workload on your staff, allowing greater time spent on core business practices


Help Desk & User Support

Just because your office closes does not mean that your network does. Our 24/7 help desk and user support system assures our clients that we are here when you need us, not just when it is convenient. And when a crisis happens during peak business hours, you want a partner you can rely on to get the problem resolved and mitigate any disruption.

IT issues will happen to nearly everyone, and SCIO Info Tech treats your IT crisis as our own. We are committed to quickly address issues remotely or on site. Our help desk and user support will get you back running smoothly because SCIO understands that business functions only when your network does.

Document Management Recovery

Document Management & Recovery

There is a growing trend of “going paperless” in the IT industry. Even given the digital age we live in, a large number of business tasks and communications are still done manually on paper.

The obvious challenge of paperwork is how to manage it, store it, and retrieve it when you need to. With paper documents, these three tasks are incredibly time-consuming and inefficient. In today’s business climate, your employees and management need to have access to documents instantly to function.

SCIO Info Tech offers document management and recovery services to help our clients remove the avalanche of current and archived documents. The documents are digitized and integrated into a searchable electronic database with authorized access security that allows your staff to locate key information immediately when they need it.

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